Shoot Your Best Shot Showcase is a slam dunk for the Southland


 Sam Hill, CEO of SYBS hits a three pointer in bringing 160 high school students from all over Illinois to showcase their talents. 

 The 1st annual basketball showcase/combine, was held the weekend of August 14-15 at Ho Chuck, Southland Center in Lynnwood, Ill. Over 160 high school students (boys and girls) represented over 25 different public, private and charter schools, from the Chicagoland area and the South Suburbs! Speakers educated student-athletes and their parents about grants. scholarships and preparing for college. As well as preparing for life on, off and after basketball. SYBS, provided all players and volunteers, with a healthy lunch, fresh fruit, snacks a swag bags and t-shirts. Our title sponsor (Kenya Sibley, CEO of Yes U Can) provided players with gym shoes, uniforms and several other basketballs related items. Our speakers were Eric Davis (executive director of the BASE youth organization, former NFL player and former Chicago Police detective) and Cameron Smith (ESPN Broadcaster) .

 According to Sam Hill, we recognized that the fallout of COVID-19 pandemic, limited high school student-athletes from gaining exposure to showcase their skills and talent. So this was an opportunity to support them, in competing with other basketball players from across the state and to showcase in front of college coaches. It was also live streamed across the nation, by Ball TV. Our goal was to target 100 student-athletes, however, there was over 160, without any incidents of violence. Although. we had a registration fee of $ 25 per youth. we were successful in waiving the fees for over 75 %, of participates, because of the success of sponsors and donor’s commitment. 

 During the 2-day event, $23,000 in scholarships were given out by DeAndre Rucker, CEO of Rucker Holding. Mr. Hill, former NBA player and CEO/Founder of SYBS, selected two of the recipients for their outstanding showmanship and skills and two was selected randomly by Mr. Rucker. This was the first time we’ve offered a scholarship in a sports area and we were extremely excited to be to partnership with Shoot Your Best Shot, said Mariann Jordan, Rucker Academy Vice President of Not for Profits. Peyton Stroffregan, the student from Marian Catholic High School, says ” I am beyond grateful to Mr. Rucker for this opportunity to put money towards furthering my education and thankful for Mr. 

Hill for putting on a great event! And for having youths from all over the Chicagoland area, to compete against. 

The showcase/combine was a HUGE success and GREAT event for student\athletes to showcase their skills and talents for colleges and coaches. It was also, an opportunity for youth to co-mingle in a positive setting and for young people to come and connect with their peers. And for coaches and spectators to see some great ball being played! According to Sam, the 2nd Annual Basketball Showcase/Combine, is expected in 2022, will be bigger and better! There will be more college coaches, more workshops, and overall exposure for the student athletes that participate. We expect many of the same youth and new student/athletes to participate! 

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